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TRID Updates

What is TRID and how will it change the closing?

On and after Oct. 3*- the initial disclosure forms GFE &TIL will be replaced by the Loan Estimate (LE). The LE must be in place 3 days prior to closing.


The final TIL and HUD-1 will be replaced by the Closing Disclosure (CD) which either the lender or settlement agent/attorney may prepare-at Fairway we will be preparing the CD.


At Fairway we have been getting ready for TRID for months. As with all changes, there are bound to be some glitches, but overall you can count on us to be prepared and able to help you have a successful, stress free closing.

Questions or concerns? Call  or email us directly at 781-719-4664 or info940@Fairwaymc.com to arrange to have Fairway come talk through TRID with you and your colleagues.

*Original implementation date was Aug. 1, it has since been changed to Oct. 3, 2015.

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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation now offers a new Doctor Home Loan Program that provides home financing for the purchase of a primary residence by newly licensed Physicians, Doctors, Dentists and Oral Surgeons. With less restrictive credit policies, our new program will assist new medical professionals by securing financing for a home when they might not otherwise qualify based on the standard guidelines. For more information call 781-719-4664 or email info940@fairwaymc.com

Fairway Newton is pleased to welcome Mark Newell, Katie Greeley, and Jim Horgan to our Newton office. All three are seasoned mortgage professionals, and are happy to discuss your home financing needs and provide pre-approvals as you search for your next home. Visit our Company Directory for complete profiles and contact information for each of them.