Fair Wayne: Your #1 Guide for Quality Miami Movers

Having a problem with your furniture, vases and the rest of the stuff in your house and you would like to hire an agency that is specialized in moving? Do not look any further, as Miami Movers and Storage will do the moving efficiently and fast! On top of tall, they offer the service at the reasonable prices and that is not even the best part! The best part is that they do not charge anything if they break something or arrive late at the address! That speaks enough about their professionalism, hard work and dedication in this business!

The most affordable moving company in Miami

affordableThe majority of moving companies charge you by the mile of driving, as well as per the item. Now, each item, depending on the dimensions, is charged independently and the final price may turn out to be high. While some people do not care about this, the majority of people tries to find the balance between the price and quality they get for the service. In that sense, Miami Movers and Storage team is your primary choice if you have any moving work to do. Just call them and do not worry about a single thing!

High level of professionalism

professionalismThese guys simply take care of everything! You do not even need to prepare boxes for your items, as they come up with the special boxes that prevent any slipping and turning over. Plus, all the stuff is double-wrapped in the bubble bags to prevent damage and breaking during the driving and moving. In case you have an item that is not in “standard” dimensions, they will make a box right at the spot so the improvisation and customization is their way of working.

A dollar for the poor

Each of their moving task is charged accordingly, but they also want to contribute to the community in some way. As a result of their goodwill, these guys agreed to provide a certain amount of money for the poor, per each moving session. Usually, they provide around 10% of the full price for a single moving job that goes in the fund for the poor. This way, the community is helped, your job is done and they receive the pay for the work they do. So we all make a profit by hiring this fantastic team!

The best company in the area

If you live in Miami area, there is no better company that you will find for this job! The number of skilled people is never lacking so it does not happen that you need a service and they cannot send you a team of people, unlike it is the case with some other companies that are specialized in moving. The company even has a back-up team in case something shows up that cannot be done by a single crew. In that case, they call the backup one to give them a hand and finish the job.